Destruction, Krisiun and Mantic Ritual

Destruction, Krisiun and Mantic Ritual played at the Palladium, a venue that has many underground bands play, last Friday, March 6th.  The doors to the Worchester Palladium opened at 7pm, and the show started at 7:30 starting with Mantic Ritual a thrash metal band from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  The BrazilianDeath Metal Band Krisiun played next, followed by the self-described “German Thrash Metal Legend” Destruction.  The show took place in the smaller upstairs area and ended around 12:30 AM.

There appeared to be 150 fans, mostly men, many with long hair and spiked vests or leather jackets.   Many Thrash Metal fans wore grey studded vests decorated with patches from some of their favorite bands.  Many of the Death Metal fans were wearing black t-shirts of bands, or leather.  Many more people there were fans of both.

Shortly after Mantic Ritual started playing, people the mosh pit started moshing and people were slamming into one another, pushing and hitting each other, crowd surfing, stage diving and head banging.  There was one woman who repeatedly went into the mosh pit with all the male metal heads, and at one point a man with a caste on his broken arm went in. This same level of intensity continued through most of the night.

Krisiun is promoting their new album “Southern Storm” on this tour.  Southern storm is their tenth album they have released since their first album which was a split album called “Curse of the Evil One” which was released in 1992.

After witnessing the mosh-pit Destruction vocalist and bassist Schmere shouted “We just got off a plane from Ireland and you guys rock harder than they do in Ireland.” 

At one point Schmere asked “Is anyone out there in a band?” and roughly half of the fans up in the front raised their metal horns.  Later he also asked if any of their fans from the 80s were present, after which he said “The young people make these shows more interesting.”

After the show Adam Haritan the drummer from Mantic Ritual said “The metal scene in Massachusetts is better than it is in Pittsburgh.”  Haritan went on to say that the dominant scene in Pittsburgh was the punk scene.  He did say though that since they have some similarities to certain genres of punk, many of the people in the punk scene like Mantic Ritual.

Krisiun Drummer Max Kolesne said “The scene is different in Brazil.”  He explained that in the US the Metal Scene is different everywhere you go, and that when they tour the US they play a large number of shows.  In some states they may play small clubs, while in some cities they may play in large stadiums.   He said that “In Brazil we play fewer venues, but the ones we do play tend to be large.”

T shirts, stickers, patches CD’s and other merchandise were on sale on the balcony above the performance.  Many people bought T-Shirts which were 20$.  The back side of one Krisiun Shirt had a statement about the destruction of faith. 

Kolesne said “We believe people should follow themselves and never follow a dogma,” Kolesne said that many people have a dogma that they follow from a religion, or a politician.  Instead of following a dogma, he suggested that people should take control and responsibility of themselves so that they can be true to themselves.


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