Cleric, the Founder of Hyperblast

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I managed to interview Cleric, a 27 year old who goes by the name Cleric on his web site, who used to run a webzine called Hyperblast. was a web magazine dedicated to underground (rare) metal music.  The site included many reviews of Metal CD’s, interviews with band members, concert listings and a forum.

Boudreau began getting involved with web journalism when he was in college; he worked for some people in New Jersey who also ran a webzine dedicated to metal.  After working for them for several months he decided to break off and start his own webzine, Hyperblast.


“I did not make any money when I ran hyperblast because it was so underground,” Cleric said, “Most of what you would get for what I was doing was free CD’s from the record labels.”

Hyperblast was run during Clerics’s free time, during the day he works for a major custodial bank doing systems analysis.  Some of his writers for the webzine were from all over the world, England, Kansas and many other places.   He had to recruit writers and keep them motivated to keep writing.


One of his interviewers worked for the record label Candlelight, a major metal label, making it easy to get interviews from bands.  Other interviews were sent to the record label and then Cleric would email the interview questions to the band, be given concert tickets and go to the concert to interview the band.  Some interviews were gotten by simply asking bands if they wanted to do an interview.


Now Cleric runs a web site called “The Voice of Reason” where he reviews movies, CD’s, books, and many other products.  The broader nature of this website has allowed it to bring in a small (albeit very small) profit. 



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Welcome to the Gaze of Balor, the focus of this blog will be documenting and exploring the extreme metal music scene of Massachusetts. 

My name is Sean McDonough, I am a student at University of Massachusetts Amherst currently double majoring in both philosophy and journalism.  I hope to not only document the technical aspects of extreme metal music and scene but some of the more thought provoking things behind it to.  Many bands have a message or a philosophy, some of those ideas will be explored here.